Ken Weaver

Freelance Beer Writer + Editor

I’m an award-winning beer writer and the author of The Northern California Craft Beer Guide (Cameron + Company). My work appears in spots like All About Beer, DRAFT, FSR Magazine, Rare Beer Club, and Saveur. Click the image below for my latest project:

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Personal Info

  • emailkmweaver{at}gmail{dot}com
  • locationPetaluma, California


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Recent Work

  • Freelance Beer Writer + Editor

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    I currently serve as Beer Editor over at FSR Magazine and as a columnist for the Rare Beer Club. Up until recently I worked as a technical editor for New West Technologies, LLC, assisting large clients like Robert Bosch GmbH with high-priority funding proposals that needed to pop.

    My beer writing has appeared in spots like All About BeerDRAFT, and Saveur, and my recent work has earned three awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers—including recognition for Best Beer & Food Writing and for Best Free-Circulation Magazine Writing. My first book, The Northern California Craft Beer Guide, was named a finalist for an NCIBA Book of the Year Award.

  • Editor in Chief, RateBeer Weekly

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    I served as Editor in Chief of RateBeer Weekly for just over two years, growing that email-based, twice-weekly publication to nearly 130,000 active subscribers (with open rates consistently >25% for the duration). I handled everything involved in the publication's day-to-day operations aside from ads: from writing and editing features, to handling our social media presence, to building database-driven content sections. I resigned in early October 2014 to work on something new.

  • Community Advisor, blueEnergy Group

    Between transitioning U.S. coasts, my wife and I spent six months volunteering on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Three were spent in a remote Miskito village: teaching secondary school, maintaining renewable energy systems, and serving as on-site development coordinators.


  • University of Maryland—College Park


    I received my MFA in creative writing from the University of Maryland in May 2007. I was named a Distinguished Teaching Assistant in that same year, and my fiction has appeared in literary-but-not-too-stuffy places like Black Warrior Review, Hobart, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

  • Cornell University


    Despite having since forgotten most of it, I earned an M.S. in experimental particle physics from Cornell University back in August 2005. I also met my future wife there (a fellow ex-physicist).

  • Carnegie Mellon University


    I received my B.S. in physics from Carnegie Mellon in May 2003 as part of the university's Science & Humanities Scholars Program. I was a Phi Beta Kappa early inductee, Phi Kappa Phi inductee, Senior Leadership Award recipient, and a National Society of Collegiate Scholars Merit Award Winner. In the interim, I got to hit up summer programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and CERN's Large Hadron Collider out in Geneva, Switzerland.


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Email’s easiest, though non-beer snail mail can be directed to the address below. Breweries looking to send samples should contact me directly for an appropriate shipping address.

  • 1601 Corporate Cir #7014, Petaluma, CA 94954
  • kmweaver{at}gmail{dot}com

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